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General Enquiries:

Mailing address:
56 Dunholme Road
Newcastle upon Tyne




Phone: 0191 273 5356


Team Rector:
The Revd David Kirkwood
0191 273 5356


Team Vicar:
The Revd Dominic Coad (Focal minister for the Venerable Bede)
0191 2567020


Assistant Curate:
The Revd Chris Minchin


Assistant retired Priests:
The Revd Anne Marr & The Revd Derek Marr






Or Revd Chris

Printed newsletter & Church at Home recordings:

Contact James Lewis

Safeguarding Officers:

Kathy Germaine
0191 2451903


Olive Taylor (safeguarding admin)
0191 2731505

Brenda McCutcheon
07940 278772

If in doubt, always contact one of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisers:

Carol Butler: 07825 167 016,

Andrew Grant: 07741 633 670




Kathy Germaine (Venerable Bede)
Térèse Wilkinson (St James')

Church Wardens:
Pat Young – (St James)
Christina Wilson (St James)

Edith Hutchinson (St John's)

Joe Foster (St John's)

Brenda McCutcheon (St Margaret's)

Claire Lewis (St Margaret's)

Kathy Germaine (Venerable Bede)

Edith Hutchinson


Position vacant, please contact the clergy


Deanery Reps:
James Lewis

Claire Lewis

Elected members:

Chris Libby

Timothy Ohanaka

Bill Shaw

Rachel Turner


Partner & community organisations:


0191 2260941

62 Armstrong Road, NE4 7TU


St James’ Heritage & Environment Group:

Write: Judith Green
c/o Good Neighbour Project, 
12-14 Sunnybank Avenue, Pendower Estate, NE15 6SD
Visit: St James’ graveyard, Benwell Lane, Tuesdays 12-4pm


Pendower Good Neighbour Project:

0191 272 2962

12-14 Sunnybank Avenue, Pendower Estate, NE15 6SD

North Benwell Youth Project:
80 – 84 Ellesmere Road, NE4 8TS
01912 983 201


West End Foodbank:
The Food Bank Centre:
Benwell Lane, NE15 6NG
07580 751365

Scotswood Village Nursery:

Karen Holmes (manager)


Changing Lives: 

visit website

Search - Older people support service

0191 2737443

The Advice service is located at the Health Resource Centre/Healthworks next to Asda, Adelaide Terrace, Benwell, NE4 8BE

Our admin office is based at St Margaret's church, Heighley Street, Scotswood, NE15 6AR.

Churches Together in Benwell, Scotswood and Elswick:
Secretary – Drucilla Hutchinson