Covid-19 update: 

We are still here for you at this time. You can find guidance on funeral arrangements here, just contact the clergy here and we can help you every step of the way.


If there are those who cannot attend but want to, once social distancing measures are lifted we would be happy to arrange a memorial service to take place in church or at the burial/strewing of ashes with a wider group of friends and family. 

What you need to know:

  • The maximum number is currently 15 but may be less depending on the size of the venue.

  • Those who are vulnerable and in the shielding category can still be enabled to attend if possible.

  • Clergy will make arrangements before the funeral over the phone or via Zoom.


It will be hugely difficult for those who want to attend but cannot, so you may wish to organise a memorial service at a later date and we can help you do this. In the meantime, below are some ideas to help those who cannot attend:

  • We can arrange a lise stream of the service in church.

  • Newcastle West Road Crematorium has also enabled live-streaming, the funeral director will let you know the details for this.

  • The minister can write a reflection or eulogy to be sent to loved ones as a card, letter, or digitally.

  • You can create a free online memorial to post memories, messages and photos. E.g. or (other options are also available if you do a Google search) 

  • You can light a virtual candle at



Losing a loved one is a confusing time. Please don’t hesitate to contact the clergy, who can help you with immediate practicalities as well as offer long-term support.

A funeral, like any parting or farewell, is sad and difficult, but a Christian funeral is also a celebration of hope and continued life in Jesus Christ as we give those we have loved into God’s care.

A meaningful and beautiful funeral does not have to be expensive and we can help you through the options with the Funeral Director. Funerals can happen in the Church before the committal at the Crematorium or Cemetery. Memorial services after a funeral can also take place in the church. We also have church halls available for hire for a wake or other occasions.

This website can also help you with your plans: Church of England Funerals >

We are committed to our churches being safe places for everyone. Read our policy below and contact us if you have any concerns about the safety of a vulnerable adult or child:

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